Yes, we offer sessions through a certified emotion code practitioner.


Katy completed three times more than the requirements that were needed to gain the certification as she could quickly see this fueled her passion for helping guide others in living their best life!  As a leader of a large team in her existing health + wellness company, many were eager to experience emotional release.   With experience in both in-person and proxy sessions, Katy will go out of her way to guide you to solutions, whether it be through emotional release, or suggesting a companion product that she feels better suits your needs. As a certified emotion code practitioner she is dedicated to you achieving your BEST SELF through whole body wellness.

So what is Emotion Code? Do emotions really cause physical concerns too?


 The Emotion Code is an energy healing modality developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.    After many years of success with his own clients, Dr Nelson authored a book and began traveling the world to teach his principles in order that a much broader audience could experience radical changes in their mental, physical and emotional lives.

The Emotion Code works by accessing the subconscious mind and identifying trapped emotions that are causing imbalances in the body, which generally translate into a form of physical and/or emotional discomfort. By identifying and releasing these trapped emotions, the balance in the body is restored so that healing can take place. 

Could trapped emotions cause me to miss out on real connection in life?


Sadly so!  Many people have built heart walls {energetically} that prevent them from feeling true connection in relationships - ALL relationships. A wall can mean disconnect from a spouse or child, it can prohibit the building of deep meaningful relationships with friends, and perhaps most concerning is that a heart wall can prevent you from having a strong spiritual connection to God. 

In our Emotion Code Sessions we make addressing the heart wall a primary concern. By identifying specifics we have a sort of invisible measuring stick that allows the client to see progress as it is made. 

Are in-person sessions available?


Yes!  In-person sessions are available just South of Huntsville, AL. We are blessed to work with clients all across the U.S. and feel strongly that remote-proxy or phone sessions can be just as successful, however, we certainly understand that many wish to at least experience an in-person session to decide how they feel about the Emotional Release Process. We are committed to your healing and are happy to schedule those sessions when possible, but please note in person sessions must be scheduled by reaching out via e-mail to:

Are there any discounts available?


Yes, we offer bundle rates for those who are interested in securing multiple sessions up front, and these sessions may be used by anyone you choose - family members, pets, or team members if you are a part of Young Living!  Additionally, those who are a part of the Full Cup Wellness Co Young Living Team  receive discounts on all sessions. 

Who is eligible to take part in an Emotion Code Session?


Phone sessions are available for anyone over the age of 18.  Proxy sessions where emotions are released during a window of time, or during your sleep (you choose),  and then a report of the emotions that were addressed is sent to you, are available for anyone under the age of 18... this includes pets too! YES, your family pets are highly likely to be absorbing your emotions and that can absolutely burden their health too!

What trapped emotions are addressed in sessions?


Feel free to specify if you want a specialty session to address limiting beliefs, such as "I can't" and "I won't."  If you are feeling STUCK in your career, marriage, or even with weight loss, these can be incredibly beneficial sessions!