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Meet Katy

No More Replaying Pain:: Emotional Release Sessions


Katy found her passion was whole body wellness when her family was introduced to Young Living in 2013.  After many wins within her own family and team, she branched out and pursued further education within the field of natural health.  Katy is following her heart based on her conviction that your purpose in life is to find it - then give it away. 



No More Replaying Pain:: Emotional Release Sessions


Full Cup Wellness Co. was founded on the premise that you truly can't give back to the world as you were designed if your cup is empty... 

When you are thriving with whole body wellness you can experience the blessing of walking out your purpose with energy and passion - leading with love each day!

Booking your emotional release session is the first step in uncovering your BEST SELF.

Utilize our methods to address depression, anxiety, and emotional health concerns! 


No More Replaying Pain:: Emotional Release Sessions

No More Replaying Pain:: Emotional Release Sessions

No More Replaying Pain:: Emotional Release Sessions

Traditional methods tell us that in order to receive emotional healing we have to replay the painful memories. We take a different approach!   Our sessions directly address TRAPPED EMOTIONS.  Trapped emotions are low-vibration energies that can lodge anywhere in the body from emotions that we felt at some point in our lives and which weren't fully processed. These trapped emotions often manifest in physical and/or emotional discomfort. They are the "emotional baggage" that we drag with us, literally weighing us down. 


 There are 4 "bodies" of energy within each person.  PHYSICAL - MENTAL - EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL. When any energy is out of balance you will forfeit connection in relationships, passion for purpose, and even physical ailments such as low energy or frequent illness. We have tools to guide you to B A L A N C E.


 "I have done two Emotional Release (Emotion Code) sessions with Katy and based off my experiences, I will 100% be adding them to my monthly routine. I have released several negative emotions with Katy’s help and benefited from it tremendously. She is so insightful and positive and has truly made a huge difference in my life. She has a true discerning gift from God and knows exactly what to say and when to say it. I highly recommend you give this a try, it is absolutely worth your time and energy!" - A. Green

 "I'd never been exposed to Emotion Code until I met Katy.  We did our first in-person session and I was completely blown away.  She knew things about me that I'd never told anyone before.  Things I'd been carrying around, layers and walls I had built...all of it.  She's slowly helped me release from the things that have trapped me for so long.  I'm grateful and look forward to our next session."  - Melissa P.

 "My breaths are deeper, my lungs feel clearer!  I completely feel younger and less burdensome.  No heaviness in my chest.  My shoulders are relaxed and there is a natural, subtle smile on my face.  You are a blessing.  I cant thank you enough. " -Kim C.

   "I had the privilege of experiencing Emotion Code by Katy back in March for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect never hearing of it before. It was an experience along with a few other things that have changed my life forever. I look forward to scheduling another. Not only did it release some things personally but also for my children through me. The process wasn’t invasive - it was freeing working towards optimal health." - Stacy W.